Having 60 years of experience under their belt, Corroless has a celebrated history of providing exceptional corrosion protection for marine platforms, bridges, industrial plants, and various infrastructures around the globe. Corroless are the only british manufactuer of VCI.



Corroless, a prominent company and a key player in corrosion technology

Provides bespoke solutions for corrosion-related issues across a plethora of industries – both offshore and onshore.

Acknowledged for their innovative ‘Corroless Rust Stabilising Primers’, they have procured world-renowned prominence in offering supreme quality anti-corrosive coatings and services.

The company’s notable delivery model starts with an in-depth consultation, creating a strong understanding of the clients’ needs. They then design advanced solutions that are customised to meet these needs.

Corroless’ offerings expand to a wide spectrum of anti-corrosive products such as glass flake composites, thin film waterborne epoxy coatings, and zinc-based primers. These solutions are brought into reality with a robust combination of superior technology and highly qualified technicians.

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Corroless has established its stronghold in the corrosion technology landscape

Always abiding by strict safety and environmental standards, Corroless has established its stronghold in the corrosion technology landscape. With a dedicated resolve to limit the erosion of valuable assets, the company acts as a vanguard of protective corrosion technology.

Their commitment to consistently delivering quality, combined with their in-depth understanding of the complex nature of corrosion, makes Corroless a reliable partner for a broad variety of industrial operations.