Having 60 years of experience under their belt, Corroless has a celebrated history of providing exceptional corrosion protection for marine platforms, bridges, industrial plants, and various infrastructures around the globe.



Corroless, a prominent company and a key player in corrosion technology

Provides bespoke solutions for corrosion-related issues across a plethora of industries – both offshore and onshore.

Acknowledged for their innovative ‘Corroless Rust Stabilising Primers’, they have procured world-renowned prominence in offering supreme quality anti-corrosive coatings and services.

The company’s notable delivery model starts with an in-depth consultation, creating a strong understanding of the clients’ needs. They then design advanced solutions that are customised to meet these needs.

Corroless’ offerings expand to a wide spectrum of anti-corrosive products such as glass flake composites, thin film waterborne epoxy coatings, and zinc-based primers. These solutions are brought into reality with a robust combination of superior technology and highly qualified technicians.

Product Highlights.

Corroless EPF 2 Pack Product

• High build, solvent-less product with excellent abrasion resistance. • Moisture tolerant – can be applied to damp surfaces.

• Applications include structural steel, sheet piling, tank linings, jetties, bridges and ballast tanks as well as concrete and other selected substrates.

Colours Black or Buff Semi Gloss (will chalk on exterior exposure). This will not affect the protection of the substrate RF35 can be applied if a finish coat is required.

Corroless RF 35 2 Pack product

Finish coat for EPF if required.

Corroless QDR Single pack product

A quick drying, single pack, rust stabilising primer reinforced with self-leafing glass flake.

• Over 30 years track record in corrosion control • Fast overcoating – from only 30 minutes • Designed for fast patch repair of localised damage, offering enhanced short- term repair where turn around times do not allow for normal recoating intervals • Contains glass flake for improved impermeability and abrasion resistance.

Corroless S Single pack product

A general purpose, single pack, rust stabilising primer.

• Over 30 years track record in corrosion control. • Excellent wetting properties. • Designed to penetrate firmly adherent rust. • Will withstand operating temperatures up to 200ºC. • Ideal for general maintenance. • Applications include pipes, cranes, mechanical equipment, bridges, railings, tank externals and other structural steel.

Corroless RF16

Glass reinforced gloss finish coat suitable over Corroless QDR or Corroless S. Available in most Ral and BS Colours.

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Corroless has established its stronghold in the corrosion technology landscape

Always abiding by strict safety and environmental standards, Corroless has established its stronghold in the corrosion technology landscape. With a dedicated resolve to limit the erosion of valuable assets, the company acts as a vanguard of protective corrosion technology.

Their commitment to consistently delivering quality, combined with their in-depth understanding of the complex nature of corrosion, makes Corroless a reliable partner for a broad variety of industrial operations.