Offshore, Oil & Gas Preservation

At Kent Offshore Ltd, we prioritise the prevention of potential disasters and accidents offshore. Our team of experts in the fields of engineering and safety assess risks and implement effective strategies that can mitigate such occurrences, focusing on enhancing operations whilst preserving environment integrity.

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Spare parts / Warehouse preservation

We are able to assist with spare parts for your project, Kent Offshore Ltd can provide expert advice on replacements and solutions if you require part changes on an ongoing project. 

  • Asset preservation on/offshore
  • Preservation management – onsite
  • Rotating equipment and Electrical technicians
  • Specialist in subsea assemblies
  • Training program implementation
  • CMMS support
  • Inhouse preservation databasing system
  • Corroless – Corrosion inhibitor supply
  • Local Content experience

Rig stacking/Mothballing

  • Turnkey solutions in rig stacking and mothballing of offshore drilling units and offshore platforms
  • 15 years lay-up experience
  • Trusted Corroless distributer
  • Mobilisation Globally
  • Local content  – Las Palmas/Singapore
  • Corroless Corrosion Inhibitor supplied
  • Onsite drill pipe and riser preservation

Technical marine services

  • Structural – Marine & Offshore condition surveys
  • NDT Ultrasonic camera – Eddy Current  – Ultrasonic – Dye Penetrant – MPI –  EMAT
  • VI Weld Inspection
  • Repair Specification – Dry dock & Temp repair – Including diving support
  • Maintenance Schedule – inspection programs
  • Coating inspections & Surveys
  • Dry dock supervision – repairs and coatings
  • Remote inspection drones ROV/Drones
  • Remote continuous thickness Hardware & Design
  • Custom software written for above hardware to client requirements


Kent Offshore Ltd supports the transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources. Our team assists businesses in navigating the complexities of this industry, using our vast knowledge to provide innovative solutions.

  • Supply chain preservation support – TP/Switch gear/Tower/Nacelle
  • Pre assembly onsite support
  • Corroless –  Corrosion Inhibitor supply
  • De- Humidification rental and purchasing
  • Corrosion class monitoring systems
Kent Offshore services