Offshore Prevention

At Kent Offshore Ltd, we prioritise the prevention of potential disasters and accidents offshore. Our team of experts in the fields of engineering and safety assess risks and implement effective strategies that can mitigate such occurrences, focusing on enhancing operations whilst preserving environment integrity.

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Warehouse and Storage Prevention

We offer sophisticated solutions in warehouse and storage management and prevention against hazards that promise to improve efficiency.

Asset Integrity Management

Our Asset Integrity Management service safeguards equipment and operating systems against failure. With regular inspection, maintenance, and repair, we are committed to boosting your productivity while ensuring safety standards are met.

Oil & Gas

As a key player in the Oil & Gas sector, our experts provide solutions that increase efficiency, reduce risks, and ensure operations are performed with the highest safety standards.


Kent Offshore Ltd supports the transition to cleaner, renewable energy sources. Our team assists businesses in navigating the complexities of this industry, using our vast knowledge to provide innovative solutions.

Pre-assembly Preservation

Our pre-assembly preservation services ensure that your equipment remains operational and reliable before execution, ensuring it performs to the highest standards.

Volatile Corrosion Inhibitors

Using British manufactured VCI, we guarantee quality protection against corrosion, extending the operational lifespan and safety of your assets.

Non-Destructive Testing

Our Non-Destructive Testing services evaluate the structural integrity of your assets using advanced technology, promoting longevity and assuring safety.

Preservation Engineering, Marine Engineering

With experts in Preservation and Marine Engineering, we ensure the strength of your structures, while preserving their functionality and sustainability.

Structural Surveying, Marine Surveying

Our team executes in-depth structural and marine surveys required to plan, implement, and review safe operations.

British Manufactured VCI & Coatings

In collaboration with industry stalwarts, we use top-tier, British manufactured VCI and Coatings to deliver effective corrosion prevention solutions.

Coatings Inspection

Our Coatings Inspection service verifies the quality and consistency of coatings, assuring you of their ongoing protective attributes.

Spare parts

We are able to assist with spare parts for your project, Kent Offshore Ltd can provide expert advice on replacements and solutions if you require part changes on an ongoing project.